Our Projects


Our tree plantation initiative began with the plantation of 150 trees in the Indian Air Force campus at Vayu Shakti Nagar in January 2017, which are quite healthy and growing well even today. After receiving a commendable response we have successfully planted 70,000 trees this year in Armed Forces Campuses in Gandhinagar, Vadodara, and Vadsar, which will soon be scaled further to 100,000 trees in the coming three years. We will be planting tree species such as Borsali, Neem, Karan, Gulmohar, Saptaparni, Boganvalia, Tecoma, Chandani, and other hardy indigenous varieties.Our partners in this project are AIA CSR Foundation.

To ensure the sustainability of each plantation project, the following additional steps are being taken.
  1. Certification of plants.
  2. Keeping a record of mortality.
  3. Visit and Supervision on fortnightly basis.
  4. Submission of report every three months along with photographs till a period of one year.


It is our vision to spread debating skills to students across the country in a progressive manner. Greater communication skills with a perfect blend of critical thinking, political awareness and oratory skills will empower our children to become effective leaders. These skills can be fostered in them through World Schools Debating.

Up until now, the World Schools format of debating was restricted only to certain parts of India but we want to ensure that students across India should have access to debating independent of their economic status, caste, religion or gender. We’re committed to spreading debate to such regions where it is relatively new by creating a self-sustaining culture of debating in schools by including teachers in the process. We strongly believe that students everywhere should have access to the opportunity to receive this sort of training, and tournaments are helpful in this regard because they provide an environment of growth through healthy competition coupled with mentorship.

The very first edition of the Ahmedabad World Schools Debating Tournament was conducted from the 6th to 8th January 2017, by the ARC Foundation in association with the Indian Schools Debating Society at Gujarat National Law University in Gandhinagar. The three-day event was held as a part of the preliminary process for selection to the Indian National Debating Team that represents the country at the World Schools Debating Championship every year. Since then we have organised a number of tournaments in Ahmedabad. Our hosts for the second and third editions of the tournament in Ahmedabad were JG International and DPS Bopal, respectively.

Each year the number of students participating in our tournament is increasing as more and more schools are introduced to this format of debating. Seeing our success in Gujarat, we introduced this tournament in Jaipur and received tremendous support from schools there. Till date, we have conducted two editions of our tournament in Jaipur. Our host schools in Jaipur, in the past, have been Jayshree Periwal High School and SV Public School.

This tournament is held in Ahmedabad and Jaipur every year. Each year, a number of students are selected from each city who take part in an advanced joint workshop in Ahmedabad. In this advanced workshop, students are taught advanced concepts of debating and compete against each other for the chance to qualify for the selection for the Indian National Debating Team. We are proud to say that we have trained and sent two students to WSDC 2019 which is being held in Colombo, as part of the Indian Team. The two students are Aarushi Wadalia from Surat and Manya Gupta from Jaipur.


Waste Management and composting

Our managing trustee veteran Wg Cdr Dharmendra Sharma has started implementing waste management techniques in his household where everything from food waste to dried leaves is turned into compost. He strongly believes that waste management needs to be implemented in every household and commercial outlet. Garbage can be used as a productive resource, with enough knowledge and care, cultivated through public awareness initiatives.We are now spreading it to the community/institutions.

Reclamation of Waste and Degraded Land

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle being the 3 R's of Waste Management the founding members have made cleanliness as their major responsibility. Actively working after the motto, we’ve undertaken a pilot project at Mayur Sports Complex in Vayu Shakti Nagar Campus of South Western Air Command to develop undulated and low lying areas so that these pockets could be utilized and beautified for future use through the tree, shrubs and grass plantations. This will also reduce soil erosion, improve biodiversity and ensure groundwater recharging takes place. Our partners in the project are AIA CSR Foundation.