Debating Tournament at Jaipur

From December 9th to 10th, Rajasthan’s brightest speakers had their first taste of debating in the World Schools Debating Championships format, thanks to the initiative taken by A Responsible Citizen’s Foundation (ARC), in collaboration with the Indian Schools Debating Society(ISDS), the National Health Mission, and the Gandhi Foundation. The event was dedicated to the Daughters Are Precious initiative, set up to combat the social evil of female foeticide. Conducted as part of ISDS’s regional selection process for the Indian national team to WSDC 2018, over 10 schools from Jaipur, Jodhpur and Surat participated in two days of intensive workshops and debates at Jayshree Periwal High School wherein two of the most seasoned debaters in the Indian circuit, Abhilaksh Sharma from ARC Foundation and Chandrasekhar Sriram, taught them about the nuances of debating The students were exposed to a diverse set of motions from “This house would cut off foreign aid to countries with high rates of female foeticide” to “This house believes that tobacco companies should pay for the treatment and rehabilitation of smokers”. In doing so, they addressed several contemporary social issues, such as the menace of tobacco addiction and the evils of female foeticide. After several competitive rounds, Vidyashram International School and Jayshree Periwal High School competed for the Shiv Charan Lal Trophy for Excellence in Debate, in a riveting and hotly-contested finals on whether there should be any limits of free speech which culminated with the home team Jayshree Periwal High School securing the first place. The top speakers from the tournament advanced into the intermediate rounds of the WSDC selection process that were held on 11th of December. Students then went for the qualifiers for national selections which took place in Chennai in January 2018.

event details

date: 9 to 11 December,2017

time: 08:00 AM-5:00PM

event categories: Debating Tournament


location:Adjoining Stadium, Ajmer Road, jaipur, Rajsthan